Suicide & Love: We Are Not Alone {Elephant Journal}

I see the calls at this time of year for words on suicide—asking for stories and experiences and prevention advocacy and advice. Before now I felt that I had nothing to add to the conversation. I thought, “my story isn’t as worthy as theirs,” or “I’ve never attempted suicide, so the suicidal feelings I experience…


The Last Time. 

Because emotional abuse can be just as destructive as other types of abuse and this was the last time… “i don’t remember the first time we spoke, but i remember the last; words dripping from your mouth like a poison you believed i would drink. and i would have once believed it too, i was…


Tell Me That You’ve Got This…Just for Tonight

My words, up at Elephant Journal…   “…Build me a sanctuary of space and time and solitude, away from the loneliness that has built a home inside of me. Help me to let go. Grant me a weightless sleep, free from fright, allowing me the deepest blue oceans to explore without the terrors that drown.…


Begin Here: Let the Moment Carry You ~ Elephant Journal

“…This is living, my love. This is life.  So begin. Begin now. Begin here.” For the full post at Elephant Journal click here ❤    Advertisements


Let Me Hold You, Whole ~ Elephant Journal

Draw me pictures of the pieces you watched leaving in the small hours of morning, the pieces that burned through the landscape of your life as you desperately tried to let go and move on and let it be.

Let it be.

Let it be as real and as raw as you feel it now.

Show me you, all of you.