Trauma & Co. 

www.traumaandco.comTrauma & Co. is a new project for sharing words and art on trauma and the complex intersections of being human. 

It is a project which will be built on the foundations of 

  • Community
  • Connection
  • Compassion
  • Complexities…

…holding space for all the co-existing complex intersections trauma holds within our human experience – including mental health, chronic illness, grief, love, loss, identity, relationships, culture, life and death (and everything in between that links back/into to trauma).


This project aims to amplify your voice through words and art on the experience of trauma and its intersections with all that makes us human. 

If you have a story to tell, through writing, poetry or visual art (or maybe some other format we’ve not contemplated yet) this project wants to hear it, see it, feel it. From professional writers to those wanting to remain anonymous – there is room for you here…

(Calls for submission will be announced over the next few months – sign up here for updates).

For those of you who choose not to speak, there is room for you here too, in community, as we believe that the need to be heard and the need to remain silent are both valid experiences, and we honour your choice and your knowing of what is right for you. 

And for the readers, it is the aim of this project as we move forward through building community and connections that you may see the stories and art of others that you can relate to in some way and, maybe, just maybe, feel a little less alone in your own unique and connected experiences. 

Trauma & Co. is a long-term project, one I hope to nurture and slowly build over the coming months and years, all the while holding trauma & community, connection, compassion and complexities as its core foundations. 

Along with the fifth ‘Co’ foundation, not in the title page, but just as important and will run throughout – Collaboration. 

As we move forward and build I hope more and more collaboration opportunities present themselves – as I truly believe when it comes to trauma – while we each hold our own unique experience, and I would never claim to understand exactly what another has experienced in this life – there can be a lot of support and resources and movement and life found in community, in collaboration. 

While this project has been a long time coming personally (years I’ve been dreaming this up) – now feels like the time, for myself and for the wider world. 

And I’m going to need you with me, every step of the way, in whatever ways you can be (from writers to artists to readers to emotional support to collaboration to… wherever we find ourselves). If you have any thoughts, let’s talk.

This is being built from scratch, and so before we ask for submissions of words and art we’ll be building an audience on social media and through the mailing list (see website for details). For the next few months as we build the rest of the website, on social media there will be sharings of quotes and articles and words and art on trauma and its complex intersections with being human – and this will continue to run throughout the project, in addition to the stories and art we later receive.

I’d be so grateful if you wanted to join our new community. You can sign up to our mailing list for updates here, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – all @traumaandco. And be sure to visit our website:

And thank you – I wouldn’t be here announcing this if it weren’t for the support and many of the connections I’ve made in this online world.

Your Story Matters.


I'd love to hear from you...

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