do you remember?

do you remember the night
we saw forever
stretched out before us, bare
and pure, like we didn’t know
could rip us apart,
unceremoniously and all too suddenly?

i do.

do you remember how love
looked without the claw marks
we made
as we fought
to keep hold of a future
already in our past?

i do.

i think there was more
life in our dying than we shared
in our living, but
didn’t it taste so fucking sweet?
sipping sugar-laced poison
by the fire that extinguished our lonely
night. oh, those nights
that kept us just cold enough to know
there was no warmth to be found but
in the heat of another. and
you found me.

over and over
you found me in the spaces where
i didn’t know i was lost. over and over
you searched for my hiding place and took
root without question or pause, giving
no room for excuses
to force your leave.

and i let you.
i let you in through the cracks
in my heart
until you grew into each
tiny crevice, blocking all escape so
all at once i could not see
any light
but you. you shone,
oh, how you shone. then

in a blaze
of longing and lies
you broke open my heart, and
with no word or warning
you were suddenly gone, leaving
shards of our love to cut scars through my skin.

do you remember when the ground beneath
was the softest bed we could
upon, so long as we
were lying by each other’s side?

i do.

do you remember how the very same ground
turned quickly to stone
with you gone
from my side, the only landing strong enough
now to catch my broken
as i howled
into the freezing, lost night,
without you there
to find me?

i do.


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