you are the sentinel

Stand with me,
just long enough
to let the wind carry my fears away.
I saw the glint in your eye,

the one
you let twinkle from the night sky.
I thought a planet had come into view,
until I realised it was just you, shining

brighter than all the stars that shone
beside you, above me.
You were giving me a message,
a hope for survival, for you,

for love.
I can feel you now,
brushing up against me
with your rays of light.
Hold steady for a moment, please,

don’t let the clouds get in our way.
I need your warmth
to give me courage to keep moving, moving,

forward and steady
with my reborn faith
in your ever sentinel grace.


4 thoughts on “you are the sentinel

  1. Thank you Mariann, for when you cry, know I cry a little with you and when clouds get in the way, they are in my sky too. And when you speak your brave, you make me braver. Thanks for this, always. ❤ Julia

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