perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, but

Perhaps yesterday was all we had, but I chose to linger there for time, and again.

Perhaps a part of you didn’t leave either, but it was never enough to keep us together.

Perhaps we were never whole, but it took you walking away for me to feel broken.

Perhaps you saw it in me all along, but I was too weak to hold your stare.

Perhaps it had nothing to do with you, but it was less painful to keep reaching and falling than to feel the darkness I was burying inside.

Perhaps you never walked in my shadows, but it was easier to give them your name than to call them my own.

Perhaps I never forgave you for that, but it was never you who needed forgiving.

Perhaps you forgave me instead, but you never really knew what for.

Perhaps it was all a dream, but I turned it into a nightmare.

Perhaps there was always you, but there was always me, too.


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