Let Me Hold You, Whole ~ Elephant Journal

Beyond honoured and excited to have been published at Elephant Journal. For the full piece click here

“…Draw me pictures of the pieces you watched leaving in the small hours of morning, the pieces that burned through the landscape of your life as you desperately tried to let go and move on and let it be.

Let it be.

Let it be as real and as raw as you feel it now.

Show me you, all of you.

I don’t need a pretense or small talk or the picture perfect mask you present to the world.

I want to know the cracks, the rough edges, the scars and the shadows.

Allow every inch of your shattered heart to emerge. Let’s explore the hidden treasures of your daydreams, the magic you hide behind your tired eyes.

Take me on a tour of all that is yours, all you hold dear and close and true. Tell me tales of where it all began.

Let your hands unfurl to reveal the scars you carry from clinging onto your treasures in fear of more loss, because you fear they could be blown away like gold dust.

Let’s ride the loops your mind runs through in anticipation of the pain.

Lay your fears out in front of me. Show me their power.

Do they consume your every moment, sucking the air from your lungs? Or do they creep up on you unaware, shocking you into submission?

How do you leave the fears behind? Do you ever leave them behind? Do you know who you are without them?

Tell me who you are…”

For the full piece click here to read at Elephant Journal – Let Me Hold You, Whole



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