To the Moon {a poem}

I will whisper your name to the moon

As they lay my body to rest among the flowers.

I’ll be dressed in white and you will know.

I will hear you softly speak,

“Baby, I’ve been waiting.”


I will sing our song to the sun

While he is strong and good, forever by my side.

I will love him, and will have loved him for decades gone by,

With my whole heart, the one you showed me was mine,

And we will smile.


I will call out your name in the light

Knowing you shine for me, always, to find my way home.

I will see the beauty in my children’s faces,

The babes I made in perfect love with him, because you opened my eyes,

And I will belong and live and love, oh, so much love.


I will write your name in the stars

On the nights I spin in romantic bliss

Remembering our dreams that I found in the arms of another.

I will fall into his strong embrace, knowing

He will never let me go, because you taught me to trust.


I will shout your name to the skies

As I fall in lust and burn in grief,

Asking for a holy sign or gentle grace to know if now is time

To let you go, to let me live, to let us love.

And I will hear you softly speak, “Yes, baby, now.”


I will scream your name through my bloody tears

As I feel the ache of my soul missing its mate.

I will cling to pictures and words, memory and magic.

When I need you near, in the days of darkness, when I am lost

And home is gone, with you, I will feel, I will cry.


I will speak your name, gently to you,

With my hand in yours, saying,

“It’s okay, you can let go now. I am here, always.”

And through the air that carries you away, I will hear you softly speak,

“Baby, I’ll be waiting,” as you whisper my name to the moon.


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