We Are Eternal {a poem}

We are eternal.


Oh baby we are.

Yes we are.

We are eternal.

You may walk away again and again.
But I was there,
And you were there,
In that moment.

The moment that turned crimson red
In the heat of the raw velvet sun.

When the ground pulled us into its captive grip,
Like gravity had just been invented.

Where we clung so tightly,
So we could live,
To make us eternal.

And so we were my love.

You may have been pulled away
By forces beyond our gaze.
I may have pushed you further
To claim my solitary silence.

But we made an image;
An ‘us’ shaped mark on the world
That neither time,
Nor force,
Nor life
Can erase.

My darling, we are eternal.



Yes baby, we are eternal. 

image © Mariann Martland



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