Before you say ‘I Do’…


Do you remember the night when we saw forever
Staring at us in the eyes of the other,
Knowing that we would not see tomorrow?

Can you recall feeling like we had found the one who knew
Without speaking a single word?

Do you remember how we tricked and teased and kissed and craved
Before we peered deep into the soul we were sharing,
The one that spilt in two within seconds of being saved?

I remember.

Do you still feel the pang of electricity
When my cheek touches yours
As we say our polite hellos and our heartfelt goodbyes?

Do you know what that spark is?

Because I do.

I know that it is not love of the kind we could have made,
That was fizzling quicker than it was forming.

I know it is not the love we have found with the others,
Those who showed us what undamaged souls looked like,
What everlasting romance feels like.

No, that spark is the symbol of every word we never said.
Every missed opportunity.
Every hushed moment when we held the other from across a crowded room.
Every darkness we had not then seen shining in another.
Every hurt that we carry from our histories that we never disclosed,

And yet somehow we knew.
We always knew.

We were too much for one another
And we would never be enough.
We would neither then, nor would we ever be,
In the right space or time.
We were not that β€˜one’
Despite the best of our intentions.

But that spark,

That spark is a love,
A connection,
A knowing,
An understanding,

A moment in time that we will never recreate
but we will always silently share. 

I know you.
You know me.

I will hold you in the brightest of light
Because of the dark that we shared
And want only the best for your forevers
Because of all of our nevers.


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