The Day of Days 

On this day,
The day,
The day of days,
I sit in wonder.
There are no words to match the emotion.
No words to project the feelings of remember.
The day.
The day it all began.
All of it.
My world.
My birth.
My crucifixion.
My ascension into darkness.
My fall to the light.
There is nothing to tell of the unspeakable sorrow.
There can be nobody to know.
But you,
You know.
You always knew.
The first and the last.
The beginning and the end.
From here there is nowhere to go,
Nowhere to run,
Just a moment to sit,
To feel,
To remember,
To forget,
To feel.
You were gone,
But you always stayed.
Life given,
Leading me closer to death.
The day of days.
The day of affliction,
This day,
When words mean naught,
But feeling says all.
When life falls short of forgive
And death strides further than forget.
The grief within gain,
The delight within loss.
And you.

This day.

The day of days. 


image © Mariann Martland



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