If I Could…Love {a poem}

If I could write about love, I would write about you.
I would tell your story, your truth, your life.
The word would not be needed, the topic undisclosed.
Describing you would describe love.

If I could picture love, I would photograph you.
I would print your image on a canvas of your heart.
There would be no edit required for your real beauty.
You would reflect perfect love.

If I could model love, I would sculpture you.
I would mold you in clay and carve your flawless lines upon your face.
No cosmetics would cover you, no scars masked.
Your perfectly wounded body would stand for love.

If I could listen to love, I would hear you.
I would play your sweet music, ringing through my ears.
Major and minor chords would entwine effortlessly, gracefully.
Your melody would sound like love.

If I could feel love, I would touch you.
I would wrap myself in your strong arms, hold your protecting hands.
My senses would embrace the emotion, the pain, the comfort.
Surrounding my being would be your love.

If I could love, I would love you.


4 thoughts on “If I Could…Love {a poem}

  1. There were many years I wanted so desperately to love and be loved but I could not let anyone close to begin to even explore that type of love. So much has changed in the last 11 years. I fully love and I am loved. It is something I never thought I would experience. It brings me great bliss despite the pain I have.

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    • I am so glad you are loved and that you fully love…i believe we all are/do, but to allow ourselves to feel it fully can be difficult sometimes… Amazing that you are there 💜


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