Open the Door, Wide

When life comes knocking do you put an extra bolt on the door to your soul? Fearing who is on the other side, scared of the potential horror and fire and pain. 

Or do you open the door, wide? Allowing the light to shine through, staring the burning flame of living straight in the eye, feeling its heat bringing you back from your frozen existence.

When love comes calling do seal shut the door to your heart? Hiding from potential heartbreak, cowering in agonising fear of what unknown spells could be cast upon you. 

Or do you open the door, wide? Letting love wash through you, flooding your whole existence as you feel what it is to be alive, as you feel what it is to truly connect with yourself and him and your heart.

You have heard life knocking and love calling from behind that door for a lifetime. You have barricaded that door more and more each time you heard a sound from the other side, only peering out from the spyhole to your soul. 

But now, now it is time, it is truly time to open it up, fully. To see, to experience, to feel the agonising beauty and blissful pain that awaits you on the other side. 

That is living my child.

Live now. 


And love, with the door to your heart wide open. 


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