I saw you (you are beautiful)

Today you were here, you were really here. You spoke of your life and your love, your grief and your pain. You took down your shields and poured yourself out for me to hold in full view.

You let me see you, the real you and yes, my darling, I saw you…

I saw you. 

I saw the red of your skin where you had rubbed too hard to erase the tears that were staining your cheeks. I saw the debilitating fear where you have been residing for too long, believing you were all alone. I saw the shame which you think you must embody, which, my darling, did not look like yours and did not belong to you; the shame that had been forced upon you by another. I saw your hands shaking as they longingly reached out to be gently held. I saw the loneliness of the dark isolated prison from which you felt there was no escape. I saw the belief in your eyes that you are worthy of neither affection nor love nor life.

I saw you. And I know you wanted to hide, I know that you believed what I saw to be ugly.

But I saw you. 


I saw the softness of your heart that you hold wide open to freely share with the world. I saw your readiness to question and to learn and to hear. I saw your bright, intelligent mind working overtime to understand you and me and the universe. I saw the bravery of your soul allowing your mouth to speak the most delicately painful words. I saw your courage effortlessly carrying your weary body through the memories of your haunted past. I saw the hope that you are unaware is still shining in your eyes, highlighting your undeniable worthiness of affection and love and life.

Today you let me see you, the real you, the perfectly flawed, broken and whole, vulnerable, strong you.

And, my darling, what I saw was beautiful.

I saw you. 

I saw you.

And, my darling, you were beautiful. 

You are beautiful.


6 thoughts on “I saw you (you are beautiful)

  1. This brought great feeling to me. I could relate to the whole blog. It reminded me to see the beauty in me. To feel bit touch my heart. Today I am thrilled that I can feel the bliss that seeing me brings. Thanks

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